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May 09, 2021 3 min read

how to compost dog poop at home

So, perhaps you’ve purchased your first compostable dog poop bags, and you’re further wondering how you can help the environment, increasing sustainability and doing your part for a greener future.


In fact, more and more people are joining the hype. However, if you use regular poop bags and throw these in the bin (which is better than the pavement!), the bags take years to break down. And not only that, but it spreads harmful bacteria, overwhelming the already overpopulated sewer systems.


This can be very dangerous, spreading harmful bacteria and toxins, all of which can hurt other dogs, animals, and humans. Instead, we propose that more dog owners compost their dog poop at home. This is relatively simple to do, is environmentally friendly, and may just provide a little do-it-yourself satisfaction.

What is composting?

Before continuing, we first need to define composting. Compost is the process of reducing organic and naturally decomposing natural materials, such as eggshells, the skins of certain fruits, and more. However, more recently, as already discussed, people are discovering that dog poop too can be composted at home, too.


Nonetheless, it’s important to note that dog poop composting is different to regular compost. You cannot mix the two, and you must compost with caution, ensuring this remains away from any other pets, your canine friend, any young children and so forth. If the faeces are touched, this can be very dangerous - this is because it contains harmful bacteria, potential viruses, and maybe even parasites. This can make someone or something really ill, so it’s important to compost correctly.

Making your own compost bin

So, to begin with, you’re going to need to make your own compost bin. As previously mentioned, this compost should not be mixed with most things. However, things like other organic waste, grass clippings, and plants can be used in the same bin - great for any green thumbs out there.


Once you’ve either bought or made a compost bin, we also recommend adding sawdust (1 part sawdust to 1 part dog faces). Sawdust is a source of food for the microbes present in dog poop, creating and speeding up the natural process and allowing the poo to decompose at home much quicker.


Finally, your new compost bin is used exclusively for dog poop, but you can use any other non-food items too, such as grass clippings. Also, this should be fairly obvious but keep the bin out of arms reach of both young children and any pets. Oh, and ideally, it should be kept out of the rain, left in a dry place to decompose.

Do not use plastic bags when composting

Before attempting to compost dog poop, it’s essential to make sure that you are using compostable poop bags. If you use regular plastic bags or usual black poop bags, then chances are these non-biodegradable, causing more harm than good.


For example, not only will these bags not decompose, leaving behind waste, but they also pose a threat to you and your families health. If the dog poop compost is not done correctly, perhaps as a result of using regular bags or the wrong mixture, increasing exposure to those harmful bacteria we have previously discussed.

Do not mix other dogs poop

While you’re out walking, as frustrating as it is, it can be tempting to pick up another dog’s poop, especially if it’s near your home, or maybe near a school or another inconvenient place where children play.


However, if you do choose to pick up after inconsiderate dog owners, then you should not be adding this dog poop to your home compost. This is because you do not know the dog; you do not know if they have any diseases or viruses or other harmful bacteria in their bodies. Generally, this can do more harm than good, so it’s best to avoid it when possible.

Start your home dog poop compost bin day

Start your home dog poop compost bin day today and fight for greater sustainability, reducing pollution, and working towards a better tomorrow. It may be a slight change, however, know what your actions matter and make a real difference.


If you would like to pick up some of our compostable dog poop bags to get started, you can do so by clicking here.

Luke Hills
Luke Hills

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