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About Us

At doodooldn we make compostable dog poop bags.

Our aim is to limit the impact the our dogs poop contribute to the environment.

We realised after using biodegradable dog poo bags that our dogs poop was being stored in a bag that could not decompose. There are over 10 million dogs in the UK who on average produce 230g of poop a day. That means everyday 2.3 million kgs of poop is produced here in the UK. With the majority of dog poop bags made out of plastics which do not decompose it means as owners we are responsible for contributing a significant amount of plastic and harmful dog poop into the environment. We thought we should do something about about it.

Rather bagging harmful poop in plastic or biodegradeable poop bags that go to in landfill for years contributing to the plastic problem. We wanted to find a solution that was plastic free and would breakdown completely both in landfill and at home in an average compost bin.

We decided to start a compostable dog poop bag company that solve this problem and could replace plastic and biodegradable bags on the market.

Enter….doodooldn! 100% compostable dog poop bags. 

Make sure you and your dog help reduce the impact on our world by switching to plastic free, compostable dog poop bags.